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Nina (left) and Grace (right) Demet are twin sisters who are stellar in both their academic and extracurricular pursuits. Both have GPA's over 4.0, both are members of the National Honor Society and both have won their Girl Scout Gold Awards. Still, despite the fact that both girls share amazing qualities other than their DNA, Nina and Grace are definitely their own people.

Grace's other accomplishments include the fact that she was accepted into the United States Military Academy Summer Leadership seminar and is applying there as her first choice for college. She also started the Green Glamour Clothing Swap — a project that helps hundreds of teens through the Waukegan Battered Women and Children's Foundation. Grace has won two varsity letters in water polo and two varsity letters on the swim and dive team. Her love of action and sports has led her to summer programs at the both U.S. Naval Academy and West Point. She has participated in triathlons and the sailing team.

Meanwhile, Nina also has her own laundry list of achievements and accomplishments. With an outstanding GPA of 4.82, Nina has won a silver Scholastic Key Award in Poetry and she helped start Green Glamour with her sister. She has two varsity letters in cross country and three varsity letters in track. Both girls also play the violin in their school orchestra.

It's safe to say that while Grace and Nina have achieved great feats on their own, together, they are an unstoppable pair. Both are beautiful, vivacious, super-athletic and involved. They love being in the water and enjoying the outdoors as well as participating in talent shows, visual arts and the performing arts. They are well-rounded since they both love to volunteer at swim meets or sell raffle tickets and both have big personalities with smiles that light up a room.

In anything in life, it is easy for people to compare us with our families: how we look like our parents, what personality traits we inherited, mannerisms, etc. It's safe to say that while Nina and Grace might be very genetically similar, both are unique, special and have their own flavor to offer the world. But the most important quality they share is something bigger than their infectious light: their hearts. We at Justine know that we have been touched by these twins and so will the rest of the world!

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