Every year we receive hundreds of incredible R.E.A.L. Girl entries from across the country. Each and every one truly inspires the entire Justine team, but here are a few girls who stood out from the crowd! Meet our 2012 R.E.A.L. Girl Semi-Finalists!


Katharine Dolma 16 Homer, AK
"I embrace the fact that everything is changing, always, and as humans we can adapt and make changes for the best."


Mary Lauren Shea 17 Charlotte, NC
"I act when I feel there is a need in the community. Many people talk about doing things for others. I volunteer."


Courtenay Wells 17 Red Oak, NC
"I love trying new things and don't let others influence me, nor let negative words bother me."


Ashley Neely 17 Riviera, TX
"I've learned not to worry about what others think of me, and be real no matter what the situation."


Janelle James 17 Ellenwood, GA
"I have people looking up to me to do great things so I have to lead them in the right direction."


Morgan Asbill 16 Springdale, AR
"The study of a language different than their own propels students beyond the limits of their own world."


Sarah Catherine Hurlock 16 Brentwood, TN
“To me ‘real’ is actually being a genuine person; being true to yourself while working to achieve your goals."


Lindsay Schwartz 15 Kildeer, IL
"Life is not centered around me and my local community. I am aware that there are other people in the world that need my help."


Julianne Carr-Phillips 15 Hummelstown, PA
"I am always aware of being a good role model, in my behavior and appearance. I try to be the kind of person younger girls want to emulate."


Freedom Wright 17 Ellenwood, GA
"REAL girls not only help themselves, but also help others accomplish their goals."

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